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Wendy is a bright spark who wants to find love and travel the world, but she questions how her dreams can become a reality as her world changes around her.

When Wendy arrives at her beloved grandmother’s house to collect a box of keepsakes, she picks up more than she bargained for in a cat with amazing qualities.

With star-crossed love on the cards and the possibility of a true friendship, the bright new horizons Wendy dreams of are just a whisker away… if only she’ll give the cat a chance…

Author Laura Ford

About the author:

Laura Ford writes novels, short stories and poems accross a wide range of human and animal experience. As Laura is an avid cat lover, a number of special felines tend to find their way into Laura's stories as well.

Laura graduated with an honours degree in British law while also writing fiction in parallel. Now based in California with her husband and two beguiling Siamese cats, Laura most enjoys using her imagination and memories to paint vivid stories. An avid traveler and seeker, Laura is always exploring new concepts for more stories to come.

Sounds Like Love by Laura Ford, Tabby cat, Cat

Sounds Like Love

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